In the Department of Computer Applications, Library is the main energy Centre and reservoir of knowledge. We have developed a library with a mammoth collection of books, journals and Magazines. Students can consult all those rare books which are either not easily available in the market or are too expensive. We are also having an electronic library with large collection of educational CD-ROMS, DVDs and MULTIMEDIA.

Lecture Hall:

Our lecture halls are large auditorium, well lit, airy and hy7gienic. Arrangement of dust free white and green bards and Rostrums has been made to make learning more effective. In some Lecture halls, Hi-tech LCD projectors are also installed to facilitate presentation and effective demonstrations.

Computer Laboratory:

We have a well-equipped computer laboratory with 75 computers installed in four AC rooms for practical purpose. All the computer of the learning centers is equipped with latest configuration to ensure that students get the same environment which they will be after successfully completing the curse. Internet facilities are available in the Lab.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

For the mental and physical development of the students, the college regularly organizes different extra-curricular events and activities in which participation is mandatory for all the students of the department. Event such as debates, quizzes, group discussions and general lecture are organized from time to time and the students are encouraged to participate in them. This develops their leadership qualities, communication skills, team spirit and many other qualities. Outside experts in the field of personality development, memory training, human psychology are invited in the campus and they develop qualities in the student to face interview and group discussion with a better confidence cultural events such as fresher party, annual day and other events are organized frequently to entertain the students and to develop the their talents in the field of performing art.

Faculty Lecture:

In any academic institution the quality and experience of the faculty is of paramount importance. At our institution we are proud to have association of highly accomplished professional faculty. In addition to our permanent faculty, we conduct regular lectures by expertise in the field Computer Education to provide valuable insight into the practical aspect of market situation.


The fierce competition in today's world generates unrest and frustration in a student. Often the department in encounters discipline and interpersonal problems. Our department propagates a very positive environmentand the students are automatically groomed in a highly cultured and disciplined mannered.

Campus Selection:

There is a "CareerCounseling and Placement Cell" at University level as well as our college. A placement program is being organized in the placement cell from time to time so that the students of the department can get opportunity of their services in different firms and companies. We have proud of that our many students availing the abve facility to get jobs in different companies in the country or abroad.


Students must attend their classes in proper uniform as prescribed. Students will not be allowed to attend their class without prescribed dress.

Boys Girls Shirt white Kurta White Pant Black Salwar & Dupatta Black Shoes Black Shoes Black


75% attendance is essential.If any student will be found absent three days (continuously in a month) without prior information, he/she will have to meet to the Coordinator/Principal with his/her parent/guardian to justify their absence.